To Liz on Her Birthday Weekend

My daughter Elizabeth (Liz) is known for her frequent and happy laughter. When you hear her laugh, you just can’t help but smile. She is also known to be fun. Her birthday card from her two nieces and nephew cited 10 things they love about Auntie Liz and at least 4 centered around how fun she is at the orange grove, when she plays hide and seek, in Ojai and at the Pacheco-Beaty house. They also mentioned that Auntie Liz is beautiful, which she is. Liz not only has a gorgeous face and body but also has the prettiest skin I’ve ever seen – smooth and velvety.

Liz is smart, kind, forward-thinking and a great planner. She is also one of those rare folks who is good with both people and numbers. In addition, she is trustworthy and loyal. If you want to count on someone, then that person will be Liz.

One of the best parts of this darling daughter of mine is her clarity of vision. She wants a calm and peaceful quality of life and is doing her best to create it. She and her new husband Ron are united in that goal and make a concerted effort to eat well, exercise regularly and travel a lot. They are making a wonderful life for themselves.

I know Liz is my daughter and I’m biased (which is true) but I would like and admire her even if she weren’t related to me.  I consider that a high compliment.

Happy birthday, Elizabeth. Your mother loves you.




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