En Route to Ensenada for Birthday Celebrations

Today is daughter Liz’s birthday, grandson Nico’s was three days ago and mine is on Thursday. We are currently headed to Ensenada, México for our annual beach birthday celebration. Ray and I are riding with the Pacheco-Beaty family right now and Liz, Ron and Rachael are coming tomorrow. We will see some of Gregorio’s family on Saturday so they can join in our celebration.

We are 20 miles outside of San Diego and have had almost no traffic. The kids all are asleep so it makes for a faster (and quieter) trip. Hopefully, the border crossing will be quick. Our projected trip time from LA is 3 1/2 hours. That would be the fastest we have ever made it if it is, in fact, correct.

We are going to a resort at Estero Beach. Our kids have a beach house there and they are giving Ray and me the gift of several days in the hotel there, which is about a block away. It should be a lot of fun. The resort is right on the Pacific and it is quite beautiful.

I’ll be checking in from there since we will have Internet.

Here is a photo of where we are going to give you an idea.

Talk tomorrow.

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