After a Long Work Day

This will be a quick post tonight. I have had a very long day today, beginning at 9 am with a 2-hour writing group followed by a solid stream of students from 11 – 10:30 this evening. I am in the final run of deadlines for my high school students for college essays, with January 15th being the deadline for several and February 1 being the final deadline for the rest.  Hence the long day.

I had a good day, however. I love all these folks I saw today, many of whom I’ve known or worked with for a long time. So, all is well. Also, though today was long, my next couple of days are fairly easy before we head to Mexico for our annual birthday trip. Liz, Nico and I share January birthdays so we all get a special holiday on the beaches of Ensenada once a year. Now that’s something to look forward to! We are leaving Thursday evening and returning on Tuesday.

With that thought in mind, I’ll say good-night. I am looking forward to that soft bed tonight.

Here’s to the joys of sleep and the fun of an upcoming trip.

Talk tomorrow.



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