Happy Birthday, Little Nico!

Little Nico Pacheco Beaty is four-years-old today.  He is full of energy, that boy, and has a ready smile and a happy disposition. He loves to move a lot and needs to run and jump and wrestle and physically play. He is already a good soccer player and has been moved up to play with a group of boys who are older. He also loves to sing and is a huge Frozen fan, singing the songs and acting out the story with big sister Luna.

Nico is also sensitive. He tunes in to what’s happening around him and can be very kind. He loves both of his sisters but is especially sweet with his little sister, Lyla. He checks in on her and makes sure she’s okay. He is a good big brother.

Food is a major theme in Nico’s life. He loves to eat and relishes the taste of whatever he particularly enjoys. Though he loves sweets, he also is very fond of yogurt and healthy food. However, pizza is definitely one of his favorites along with his grandma’s pies. He is especially fond of banana cream pie, peach pie, and apple pie. Pie, pie, pie are words that often pop out of his mouth, particularly when I ask what he would like for me to bake for him.

Nico loves his mama. He is very attached to her and his eyes light up when she walks into a room. That said, he also adores his dad. They wrestle and play together and this clearly makes Nico very happy. He also is quite fond of his grandpa. Nico loves it when Grandpa gets the tractor running so he can take a ride. And Uncle Ron, well, now they have discovered video games and have moved to the next level in their relationship.

Nico loves to play hide and seek. This is one of his very favorite games and he loves to play this with his Auntie Liz in Ojai. “Will you be my friend?” Nico will ask Auntie Liz, which means, “Will you play hide and seek with me?” Often I see Auntie Liz counting to ten while Nico and Luna go hide. Next thing I see are two little kids running through the orange grove looking for places to hide, then Auntie Liz following their giggles to their hiding places.

Auntie Rachael spends two days a week with Nico and they are big buddies. She already has plans to take him to get pizza and frozen yogurt tomorrow to celebrate his birthday. He will no doubt be very happy to spend time with his beloved Auntie Rachael.

Our little Nico lights up the lives of his entire family.  We are very lucky to get to spend time with such a sweet little fellow. I feel blessed to have him in my life. I know our whole family feels the same way.

Who knew there could be so much love in this world? 

Baby Nico and Grandma







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