Sorting in the Storage Bins

I am sitting in the Airstream at the orange grove. Ray is rustling papers at the kitchen table and I am in the living room four feet away with a blanket over my lap. I am tired enough that every sound is slightly irritating and I know I need to go to bed soon even though it is only 8:20.

We had a good day organizing our storage bins today but that meant a decent amount of heavy lifting. I was working in the bin that has lots of boxes of books so I was pulling out boxes, checking to see what was inside, then lifting the box to put it in a new spot. Hence my tiredness. These are books from several past estate sales so we have a lot of them. We work through each box, checking online to determine each book’s value, then divide them into two piles: donate or sell. If they are to be donated than we fill up several boxes and take them to the donation shed of the Ojai Public library.

Today was not a book sorting day but rather a bin sorting day. We put like with like so we have an overall organization before tackling different sections. When you buy and sell antiques and collectibles, this is simply part of keeping the inventory straight.

Ray and I both felt good about what we got done. Of course, we would love to have a week up here so we could really sink our teeth into the sorting but right now that isn’t possible. Instead we have to work within the two to three day windows we can manage. Still, we made some inroads so that feels good.

My eyes are starting to close so I will say goodnight. We are up bright and early tomorrow morning so we can head back to L A to cook for the homeless breakfast. I better hit the sack. Four thirty am comes awfully early.

Good night. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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  1. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Sacred work, the books and the homeless breakfast. Safe travels.

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