Travel Quandary

I am sitting here on this Thursday evening, trying to make the decision whether or not I will drive up to Ojai tonight or head back there in the morning. Ray is there now after he and I went up early yesterday morning. I returned to LA this afternoon because I had students I needed to see from mid-afternoon through early evening. My last student just left and so now I have to assess just how tired I am and if a 1 1/2 hour drive is a safe choice.

The pros are that I’ll join Ray there tonight and my only job once I arrive is to crawl into bed. The cons are that I have to drive an hour and a half at night after I’ve had a long day. Whatever I decide, I still need to write my 20 minutes today and right now makes more sense than driving all that distance and then writing once I’m there. We are up in Ojai this week on an organizational mission. We worked yesterday and Ray worked all day today.  By tomorrow evening, we should have some seriously well-organized storage bins.

I am listening to Pandora and the song 500 Miles just came on the radio. This is a version sung by Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan and Stark Sands from the Inside Llewyn Davis original soundtrack. A little different than Peter, Paul and Mary, but surprisingly, not that different. I grew up loving folk music so I have sung this song many times on my own. It is very familiar indeed. Funny that the song is about traveling, the theme of my quandary this evening.

Okay, I have to decide. I believe I’ll quickly throw my bag in the car and go. The benefits of waking up there are outweighing the idea of getting up at 5:30 am for an early morning trip.

I will talk with you again tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope you have a good evening.




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