Last Day at the Orange Grove

Ray is better after his brief bout with the flu and we have returned to LA after a week at the orange grove.

Leaving Ojai is always bittersweet since the rhythm at the orange grove is slow and the chance to be out in nature all day is a treat. I loved smelling romaine sauteed on the stove by Ron, playing Go Fish with Luna and Liz, chatting with Sarah and Gregorio, making Nico his favorite peanut butter, banana, and jam sandwiches, holding  9-month old Lyla’s hand as she tottled over to her grandpa for a quick cuddle. Lots of laughter, conversation and general hanging out equaled a relaxing week together.

This afternoon, I felt a stab of regret that our week was drawing to an end. “Let’s just live out here together forever,” I said. Of course, I know that isn’t going to happen. I also know just how lucky I am that our children elect to spend as much time with Ray and me as they do. Exceedingly lucky indeed. I’m also aware these are golden times for our family when we are all generally healthy and doing well.  Times to be cherished.

Ray and I are now back home. We have seen Rachael, who didn’t come up this week, and we were happy to spend time with her this afternoon, hearing all about her week here in the city.

Now Ray has gone to bed since he’s not quite well from the flu and I’ve been listening to a Masterclass with James Patterson and learning that I definitely need to outline my novel and stop trying to create the plot as I go along.

I am contented to be back home now that I’m here. I am looking forward to a hot bath and my nice comfy bed.

I hope you all have had a good week and are looking forward to your weekend. I will work tomorrow and on Sunday for a few hours each day. That’s okay. I am fond of the student who is coming and, besides, we have two deadlines fast approaching.

All is well and I am grateful.

Sweet dreams, my friends.


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