Another One Bites the Dust w/ the Flu Bug

I wrote this last night but didn’t have the Internet access to send it. I’m happy to report that Ray is feeling much better today. Still, be aware of the flu that’s going around. 

I am here tonight in our Airstream in Ojai with husband Ray who is the latest victim of the stomach flu that has been ravaging our family. Over the past couple of weeks, this 24-48 hour bug has hit Luna, Lyla, Liz, Ron, Rachael, Sarah, me and now Ray. I think only Nico and Gregorio have been spared and Gregorio, for one, is looking pretty nervous.

Symptoms? Nothing, then feeling tired and listless before a sense of nausea that escalates into full-blown gut-wrenching puking. I am the only exception. I, instead, had a sharp pain at the top of my stomach followed by miserable acid reflux for several hours.

Fever is also part of this happy scenario with Ray’s topping 101.5.

Remedies: Pepto Bismol seems to help. Advil for fever. Lots of bed rest.

Duration: Better after one day but very tired. 100% after two full days of rest.

I am telling you this since this little bug is extremely contagious and is making the rounds. Wash hands a lot, my friends. You will be happier if you don’t come down with this virus.

The good news for us is that we are at least sick in this quiet and tranquil place. That aids healing in a very real way. I am putting off seeing students until Saturday. I do not want to do my part in spreading these germs!

On that note, I will say good night. Wishing you a healthy evening. However, just to be on the safe side, you might want to start taking Vitamin C.



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  1. Joanne West Pack says:

    Sorry for your illnesses. You have been in CA too long and no longer have the Bonham fight!
    Actually we moved to the Bay Area for five years and it was fun—but expensive compared to TX.
    My husband of 38 years is from CA.
    We came back to Texas and live in Denton. I love college towns—there is always something happening.
    Proud of you for your writing accomplishments!

    Hope you are planning to come to the Bonhi reunion!

    Joanne West Pack
    Bonhi ‘645

    1. Thank you, Joanne, for writing and giving me an update. Very happy to hear from you. Yes, I will see you at the Bonhi reunion! Len

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