A Movie Worth Seeing: Blinded By The Light

We saw Blinded by the Light tonight with our friend, David Bode. This movie explores how a Pakistani boy in racially torn England of the mid-80s finds solace as well as his identity by listening to the music of Bruce Springsteen. It has a real charm to it and leaves you with a sense of hope for all of us. The boy who plays the lead role, Viveik Kalra, carries the entire movie with a sweetness and depth of feeling that makes you feel as if he really is that character. The music of Bruce Springsteen serves almost like another character, offering wisdom and insight as the main character struggles with his feelings of being trapped in a dead-end town with no real prospects of escape that will not alienate him from his traditional Pakistani family. A feel-good experience that will have you humming Springsteen songs for several hours.

This film scored 92% on Rotten Tomatoes in case you want another measure of its appeal.

Heading to bed now. I’ll be checking back in again tomorrow.

Sleep well


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