Doggie Day Care Over Here

I am sitting in my den right now with Cordelia (who is much improved), Frankie, Hazel (Rachael’s dog) and Augie (Liz’s dog).  So that’s a Corgi, a terrier mix, a Chiweenie and a bulldog all curled up near me.  How did it come to be that I am now taking care of my grand-dogs as well as my own dogs?  Ha. Just lucky, I guess.  But I don’t mind. They are all very sweet and I’m just grateful that Cordie is now on the mend.

Here are photos of each so you can see the variety of breeds that make up this little dog family.  Soon, we’ll be heading upstairs to go get on the bed with Ray.  I might have to carry Augie. He was hit by a car and walking very far is a challenge. But he’s also very heavy so I might have to call for help from Ray.  I mean, I think he weighs 45 pounds!

Sleep well, my friends. As you can see, I might have to fight for a spot on the bed.

We’ll be talking again tomorrow.


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  1. Don Dodson says:

    Does are good


    1. Yes, they are! Life is always better with them!

  2. What a beautiful dog family:)))

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