Time for Popcorn and Smoothies

Thank you, my friends, for your lovely support. Ray, Cordelia (our Corgi) and I really appreciate your kind words.  Cordie had a rough night with a major blow-out at 2 am that took until 3:00 to completely clean up.  Ray and I both thought she might be dying since she was so limp and exhausted. But, I took her to the vet at 8:30 this morning and after hydrating her, he said that she was doing as well as any very sick dog with pancreatitis could do and that if she keeps this up, she will get well. Today, she’s more responsive but still very quiet. Ray will take her again tomorrow to get hydrated and maybe, just maybe, our beloved Corgi will bounce back and be barking and herding and up to her other usual habits. This is our hope.

Ray will go on Monday at 8 pm (yes, at that odd hour) for his CT scan. Much to his credit, he called and called today until he got a real person on the phone rather than a voicemail and they put him on the schedule immediately.  Those people said the needle-biopsy people will be calling on Monday and if he misses the call, then he’ll start calling again and again until he gets another real person on the phone. He seems determined to get moving on this and I am happy.  The sooner the better.

At this point – 7:33 Pacific Time – I am going into the kitchen to make popcorn and smoothies and going upstairs to watch tv with my husband.  We are both pretty worn out and tomorrow is the homeless breakfast, which starts very early.  So, off to bed we go.

Again, many thanks. I will keep you informed.

Until I know more, I’ll just write about recipes or books or my students…

We’ll talk again tomorrow.


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