The Comfort of a Dark Night

We have come up to Ojai to water our trees. The temperatures are just started to get hot up here and our orange trees need a refreshing drink.  Today was 96 degrees at its height, but now it’s 77, which will be the low tonight. I am sitting outside in front of our Airstream in a lounge chair. I have a fan nearby that is keeping me cool and I can hear classical music coming from the radio inside.  The night is dark here. The only lights are my computer screen and the muted light coming from the windows of the travel trailer. The air smells cool and slightly damp from the sprinklers under the trees. Besides the music and the fan, the night is very quiet.

In the past couple of days, I have been reminded of the fragility of life. I want to appreciate this dark, cool night that wraps comforting arms around me.  I am grateful for the quiet, the calm, the peacefulness of this place.

I will be checking back in again tomorrow.  Until then, I wish you quiet, calm and peace.




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