For Our Beloved Deacon Johnson at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood

This evening I traveled to St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral near downtown LA to help commemorate the outstanding service of our beloved deacon, Walter Johnson. Walter is now our Deacon Emeritus since his recent retirement at the age of 81.  He read the gospel at tonight’s mass and in the photo below, he is censing the gospel book.

Walter is one of those special people in this world.  He is kind, generous, calm and deeply spiritual. The world functions as a better place because Walter is in it.

Congratulations, Walter! Well deserved.  We have been blessed to have you at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood.  We are all glad you are staying right there with us. You are a very good man who spreads the love of God through your words and actions. Much love to you.

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  1. Joan Henehan says:

    The Deacon is a good and holy man whose humor, common sense and positive attitude and actions will continue to be an inspiration. He is much beloved by all who have the good fortune to encounter him!

    1. Absolutely, Joan. I concur!

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