To My Son-in-Law, Gregorio

Dear Gregorio,

Happy birthday to you.

I want you to know that I am so happy you are part of this crazy family of ours.  You are a wonderful partner for Sarah, a supportive brother-in-law for Liz, Ron and Rachael and an exceptional son-in-law for Ray and me. You are there whenever anybody needs anything, put up with a lot of teasing and loud talk, and maintain a steady head when yet another “brilliant” idea gets proposed by your wife, her dad or any of the rest of this motley crew. Not to mention that your Nana taught you to cook exceptionally well and we are all the lucky recipients of all of those tasty “dishes.”

Plus, I love that you are so passionate about archaeology and anthropology and that you nurture that same level of interest in your children about the world around you. They are enthusiastic learners and much of that is due to your influence.  Also, they clearly feel completely safe and loved, which is the greatest gift a parent can give his/her child. You provide them with a level of trust that shines through in their beautiful little faces and I am so grateful that my beloved grandchildren have such a loving, consistent, clear-headed and generous father.

So, even though you are less than enthusiastic about my honey-sweetened treats, I still think you are a wonderful person and I love you dearly.  That does not mean I will ever give up trying to find that one healthy goodie that inspires you to nod your head and say, “That’s actually good.”

Have a wonderful birthday and an even better upcoming year.  I look forward to seeing you, Sarah and your adorable children very soon.

Big hugs to you,



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