Just a Few Rambling Thoughts

Well, I wrote a ghost story last night, posted it, then took it back off. The reason: I decided that it needed more work.  I had fun writing the first draft though. Set my alarm for 20 minutes and 1 1/2 hours later, I stopped writing.  Now, I plan to go back over it and make a few changes. So, if you got that story as a member of my blog and thought it was a little confusing, no worries. You’ll have a new revised and, hopefully, better one to read in the next few days.

We worked outside much of today and I made the mistake of spending a bit too much time in the direct sun in the heat of the day. I was fine one minute and then hot and angry the next. Ray suggested I go inside and wash my face to which I snapped, “I’m just fine!” Of course, I wasn’t and decided in just a few minutes on my own to go inside and wash my face. I also drank some water and reminded myself that stubborn people sometimes have heart attacks out in the heat when they are not taking care of themselves. I stayed inside after that and cooled off. A very good decision. I am pretty worn out this evening. Too much sun is the culprit. Tomorrow I will be more aware.

On that note, I’m heading to bed. My eyelids are heavy and I can’t wait to put my head down on a soft pillow.

I hope you had a wonderful day and were smart enough to sit in the shade.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

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