Our Little Nico

This delicious little morsel is my grandson, Nicolas Ignacio Pacheco Beaty.  He is 2 1/2 and this is the photo his parents saw today when they went to his preschool “social.”  This is the same boy who sometimes cries when Mommy leaves and she worries that he’s unhappy.  He’s also the same boy that his teacher sometimes lets play quietly after all the other kids are asleep during naptime because he’s just not as sleepy as they are. This little guy is a pure snuggle bunny who will crawl in your lap and cuddle up.  He is also the fellow who is up for playing on Grandpa’s tractor and asking what every part is, as if he understands exactly what you’re saying and wants to know exactly how this machine works.

No, I’m not partial, but he is absolutely the cutest, sweetest and most darling little boy in my world.  It doesn’t hurt that he loves Grandpa and Grandma with a sweetness that just makes me want to snatch him up and bury my nose in those soft little cheeks.

Okay, I am partial so sue me.

Nico's Preschool Photo

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  1. What a cutie, you have every right to be partial grandma:)))

  2. auntcookie7x says:

    He is a delicious little morsel. Mine are all so grown up now from 10 to 22; I really miss having a younger one, and I don’t foresee any great grands coming along

    1. Aw. Well, I get a brand new morsel in March with the birth of grandbaby number three. Come visit. I will share the snuggles.

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