Seeing My Grandbabies Today

I saw my little granddaughter Luna (age 5) and grandson Nico (age 2 1/2) today,  along with my daughters and two sons-in-law.  It was a lovely afternoon and early evening.  Nico took me out back to play – reached out and took my hand and led me through the sliding door to the back patio.  He played with his toys for a little while, showing me different ones, then spotted a dead bee and pointed to it. I picked up one of his digging tools, scooped up the bee and dropped it over the back fence.  “All gone?” he asked, “Yes,” I said. “All gone.” He nodded, his little face very serious.  “Thank you, Grandma.”

Later, I gave Luna a bath.  (Nico had passed out in his mama’s arms.)  Luna was all stretched out in the tub ready for me to wash her hair when she said, “Grandma, when I cut myself, what happens so the skin grows back?”  I told her that we all had white blood cells that came to the rescue when our body needed healing. “They come and bring extra oxygen to make hurt spots get better.”  She seemed satisfied with that explanation. (I hoped I had remembered correctly that information from a long-ago biology class.)  Whatever the case, we had a sweet moment together,

I’m happy that I had some alone time with both my grandkids.  I am a one-on-one person for the most part, better person-to-person than in a group. I came away from my visit with the distinct sense that I had connected with my little grandkids even if for just a few minutes. I can tell they felt seen by me and I felt seen by them.

Life. Love. Connection.  That’s all it takes to bring real joy to my heart.

Nico and Luna - Yesterday

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  1. Yes, I know that feeling of connecting with my grandkids. It’s a wonderful thing. And you’ve expressed it beautifully, Len. Thanks!

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