Repost: If I could Turn Off My Fear, I Would…

I wrote this list a couple of years ago.  Everything is still pertinent except I have accomplished #4: skydiving.  My kids also have given me an online Spanish class which I will be starting soon.  So that’s the beginning of #36.

Now if I can just find that pool where I can skinny-dip every day…

Here’s the list:

  1. Sing to a large crowd, after lots of practicing, of course.
  2. Dance naked in the rain (in a private place).
  3. Go skinny-dipping daily (in a private pool).
  4. Jump out of an airplane and see what it’s like to float to earth with a parachute.
  5. Do some serious rock climbing
  6. Scuba dive deep in the ocean
  7. Go on a long voyage on a Transatlantic ship
  8. Write/say exactly what I think whenever I want.
  9. Dance to my heart’s desire whenever I feel like it.
  10. Devote at least 3 hours a day to my writing.
  11. Re-tackle my novel and my memoir.
  12. Visit the rain forest.
  13. Go to India.
  14. Make friends with snakes.
  15. Take daily hikes in Griffith Park.
  16. Set up a writing workshop at the orange grove.
  17. Set up a two-week writing workshop for myself at the orange grove.
  18. Climb a tall tree.
  19. Go on horseback rides out in the wild.
  20. Spend as much time with my grandchildren as I’d like.
  21. Spend as much time with my kids and their partners as I’d like.
  22. Spend as much time with my friends as I’d like.
  23. Learn how to fly a small plane.
  24. Learn how to navigate a small sailboat in the ocean.
  25. Go spelunking.
  26. Take graduate classes in English Literature.
  27. Cut off all my dyed hair and go naturally gray.
  28. Find a creative writing mentor.
  29. Simplify my life.
  30. Plant and tend to a big vegetable garden
  31. Learn to ride a motorcycle and take a trip up the CA coast.
  32. Ride a bicycle every where I need to go in the city.
  33. Act in a play.
  34. Go river rafting.
  35. Go on a long-distance hike or bicycle trip.
  36. Learn Spanish/Refresh my Italian.
  37. Read novels as much as I’d like.
  38. Take a series of classes in Latin.
  39. Become a yoga master.
  40. Visit every modern art museum in the world.

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  1. Len I love this. A great prompt for any of us wanting to explore deeper layers of ourselves. It is a question I will free write myself. Thank youAtdine

    1. Yes, a great prompt for exploration. Hugs to you, Arline.

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