Back Home Feeling Good About My Weekend

Back home.  Happy to be here though I loved being up in Ojai.  I am delighted, however, to be missing the 100-degree temperatures up there this afternoon.

I have a list of tasks completed in Ojai that makes me smile:

  1. Our storage bins are much better organized than they were last week.
  2. Edison is putting up a pole in the near future so we have “real” electricity rather than just the bare minimum.
  3. Our Airstream is very clean after Rachael and I combined our skills and went in for some deep scrubbing.
  4. Ray fixed our Airstream fridge so it is working off of electricity, which means we can count on it rather than hope it works off the battery.
  5. Ray hooked up an on-demand hot water heater to the Airstream so we can now have wonderfully hot showers for as long as we like (the water goes straight to the trees).
  6. All our trash went out in the early morning pick-up and all recyclables are ready to go out next week.
  7. The oranges trees were watered.
  8. All sheets and towels were washed, hung out to dry and are now stored away for future use.
  9. A well man was there when we left, making some needed repair on the well pump.
  10. Our stand-alone kitchen was clean and the fridge cleared out so Liz and Ron can actually get some of their food in it.

I am feeling exceedingly happy about all those accomplishments.  And that doesn’t even include spending time with my family. What more can I say?

Hope you’re doing well.  I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

Liz playing with Luna and Nico yesterday morning.




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