Ten Minute Quickwrite – How Much Can Be Said in So Little Time!

I am sitting with Riley. We are doing our ten-minute quick write.  Let me see. What do I have to say today? Hmmm. Well, I just had a new student come before Riley to work on college essays.  He’s the brother of one of my students who is now at UCLA. I get a lot of siblings of my students, which I love since I get to know more about each family.  Plus, there’s usually a built-in rapport because they wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had a good experience with their brother or sister. This boy is no exception. He is open and excited to start and seemed comfortable from the outset. That’s a good feeling since we’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next few months before the deadlines come.

Riley keeps wanting to chat while he’s writing.  “I’m not talking,” I say.  “I’m writing.  How about you keep that pencil moving?”  He is now scratching his head, yawning, and groaning.  Oh dear. Sometimes he comes and writes with fervor. Today, he’s having a bit of a problem. Riley is entering 6th grade in two weeks.  I’ve had him since he was in 4th grade.  He’s a good kid. Funny.  Full of jokes.  Just needs some help staying focused on writing and spelling. But he’s coming along quite nicely and, besides, I like him.

The cars outside are zipping by.  Sun is pouring in the front windows filtered through the Nadina bushes outside.  I can see the wind is blowing because the leaves on the Nadina are quivering slightly.

We are headed to Ojai this afternoon and will be there through Sunday.  We will be staying at our orange grove and will see Liz, Ron, Rachael, Sarah, Gregorio, Luna and Nico.  This will be the last family gathering before kindergarten starts for Luna and preschool two days a week for Nico. Life in the fast lane for these two babies…or really for Luna.  Nico’s life will just get a bit busier.  I am very happy we will have this time together.  Special family time.

Okay, there goes the timer. It’s amazing how much can get said in just ten minutes.

Orange Grove

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  1. Can I steal your idea of “Quick Write” as a tag for my blog?

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