Up in Ojai + Jane Eyre

Ray and I drove up to Ojai this evening. We have business to attend to up here tomorrow and will also get to see Liz and Ron. It is 51 degrees right now so I am sitting in my coat in the Airstream though we have had the heater on. Ray and the dogs are already in bed for the night. They are just waiting on me to crawl under the covers so we can complete the nightly family configuration. I must admit I am looking forward to our warm bed and the quiet of the night up here.

Today I worked with a student on a research paper on Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre. I love that book. I even cried right on cue when Mr Rochester and Jane finally get back together and confess their love for one another. Yes, I am a softie, but come on, they have suffered long enough.

Some may call this book a sentimental romance but Jane is a feisty main character who challenges social conviction with her outspoken attitudes and insistence on naming the truth as she sees it. She is definitely a role model for other women in 1847 when the novel was first published. If you haven’t read this classic, do so immediately. If you have read it, then consider rereading it. It is well worth the time.

Off to bed now. Hopefully, I won’t hear Bertha Mason’s maniacal cry in the middle of the night!

Sleep well, my friends. Until tomorrow.

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