Luna’s New School!

This week we have learned that our little granddaughter Luna has been accepted into kindergarten at the Jackson STEM Dual Immersion Academy in Alta Dena, CA.  This will allow Luna to be in a Spanish/English immersion program from K – 5th grade, where 90% of the classes are taught in Spanish/10% in English in kindergarten and end with 50/50 Spanish/English by 5th grade. In addition, she will have the advantage of exposure to the STEM curriculum, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. This exposes the kids early to these subjects and encourages critical thinking.  Plus, there is music, art, cooking and gardening with a school gardener, who teaches the kids the science behind plant growth and the names of the plants in Spanish.  This is a public school but the Dual Immersion program is supported through a federal grant to the Pasadena School District and the STEM program operates in partnership with neighboring CalTech, JPL (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Side Street Projects and other programs.

Sarah and Gregorio have spent countless hours looking at schools all over the Pasadena area to find the right one for Luna.  This was their first choice and they are thrilled that Luna will be starting kindergarten there in the fall.

We are all pleased and excited. Our little girl is growing up.  This school sounds as if it will be a wonderful choice for her.  Luna is excited to go to “big-kid” school. She is also excited to add to the Spanish she already knows.


Here is a link to the school for any who might be interested:







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  1. jhenehan says:

    Congratulations to Luna and to her proud family!

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