Daughter Liz’s Birthday

Elizabeth Beaty, aka Liz, Bibbie, Ellabee, and Honey Bunny (for Ron) is 32 years old today.  She was born at home in Denison, Texas and kept me up way past my bedtime that first night with a tummy ache in her very small tummy.

We like to say that Liz was born talking.  That isn’t quite true.  It took until she was a few months old before she started babbling, then talking, then asking questions incessantly. By age 3, we remember her talking before eyes were open in the morning and after she was sound asleep in the evening.  She has always had lots to say.

This past weekend we went to Ensenada, Mexico and stayed in a house on the beach.  This was a lovely place with all of our family and it was a very happy time. The main sound I heard every morning when I woke up was Liz’s laughter and often that was the last sound I heard as I fell asleep.  She has always had a wonderful sense of humor.

Liz skipped 2nd grade, graduated from college in three years, has an accountancy certificate, a Master’s degree in Anthropology, a JD from an accelerated law program and passed the bar the first time around. She can absorb information like a sponge and has organizational skills that are hard to surpass. She has always been a natural learner and is forever curious.

She and Ron have also driven across the country and back visiting family friends, traveled to several foreign lands, and hiked up, down and around many a wilderness trail.  She and sister Sarah went both to Peru and Belize on archaeological digs that required a fair amount of grit just to get to the locations to dig. She has always been a natural adventurer.

Now Liz and Ron are living in Ojai and trying out life up there.  Luckily, everything is slowly returning to normal after the Thomas fire and she and Ron are resettling into their little house in the orange grove. Liz likes to aim for happiness rather than settling for anything less. She is a risk-taker.

Liz is also loyal, funny, dedicated, and loving. She is there through thick and thin and will never give up on a friendship.  She is one seriously loving, sweet and kind aunt to her very lucky niece and nephew as well. Her family and friends know she can be counted on no matter the occasion.

I feel very fortunate to have spent these past three-plus decades with daughter Elizabeth. She has brightened my life since the minute she was born and I am one of the happy recipients of her bountiful love.

I love you, sweet Liz. I hope you had a great birthday and will have an even better upcoming year.

Here’s to good conversation, laughter, natural curiosity, adventure, happiness and love!



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