We drove from Ensenada, Mexico to LA, picked up our dogs and headed to Ojai. Tomorrow is Liz’s official birthday and though we have already celebrated, we thought we could at least be around for part of the day before heading back to LA after lunch tomorrow for work. Liz and Ron are actually returning to the orange grove tonight for the first time since early December when they were evacuated due to the Thomas fire. They had only lived here two weeks when the fire started. Alas, maybe life will calm down a bit finally. We all hope so.

We had so much fun on our Mexico trip. I feel very grateful to be bringing in 65 with such a bang.

The sky here in Ojai is clear and full of stars. The smell of ash lingers despite the rain, but it is not oppressive. We are just happy to be here.

Sleep well, my friends. I will check back in with you tomorrow.

My favorite photo from Baja.

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  1. Nancilynn says:

    Happy, happy 65! It is a good year!

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