A Great Day

Liz and Ron’s living space is getting more and more organized. I spent the first part of today helping Liz clean and get things in place in the 1958 Spartan that is the next big project in their “little home” living experiment. It sits right next to their little house and will provide an office for Ron, a bathroom and shower, a mini kitchen and a living room. This is next on the agenda, but for today, we did a basic deep cleaning to get the ball rolling. Plus they’re hung pictures , set up their tv and moved more gravel for their new walkway.

Gregorio was busy designing and building a big bed for Sarah, Nico and himself, and a bunk bed for Luna in their new 1979s camper trailer. Ariel and Rachael were putting wall coverings in their little 60s trailer and also built a bed.

In other words. The orange grove was abuzz with activity.

I feel so lucky to have all three of my kids nearby and to get to share orange grove time. The truth is orange grove time is very hard to beat.

I wish I could post photos but the Internet is too slow here. Alas, I will put them on Facebook after I get home tomorrow.

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