Ojai Again

We are up here for a couple of days, helping daughter Liz and her fiancé Ron get their little house details squared away. I am the helper; Ray is the leader on this aspect of the project. Today was centered on electricity and plumbing repair. Their little house is adorable.

Sarah, Gregorio, Luna and Nico are here as well. Gregorio is working on the vintage camper trailer they bought. Rachael and Ariel arrive in the morning to work on theirs as well. A veritable family campground.

I taught Luna how to play checkers this evening. She did a pretty darn good job though she let me finish out the game without her. At four, she may be a slight bit young for this game but I suspect we will be playing again tomorrow. We also played dominoes. That was a whole lot easier for her.

Nico’s main past time was playing with colorful plastic games pieces. He amused himself until he fell right to sleep for a good, if late, nap.

Speaking of sleep, I am headed in that direction. We got up at five am today to get to Ojai early. It has been a good, long day.

I will check back in again tomorrow.

Night, my friends.

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