Little Brother, Sam

My brother Sam is having an album release party tonight in Nashville to celebrate his 60th birthday.  I am not there and am feeling a bit disappointed that I am missing all the festivities.

Sam and I discussed this in a phone call a couple of months ago. I had my Chicago trip already booked and paid for when he told me the date of this event.  I would be back in LA but just barely and had made my plans to go to Chicago knowing that I’d be returning to a packed student calendar since many of my high school seniors are applying Early Decision, which is November 1.  So, going to Nashville would affect my agreement with my students, who have been counting on me to help them finish these multiple essays. In fact, today alone, I have had students back to back from 2:30 – 10:30 pm.

However, even knowing that, I said to Sam, I will make this happen if it’s really important to you; or else, Ray and I can come a little later in the year and have a bit more leisurely visit.  Sam’s response: It’ll be hectic during this birthday celebration, I’d rather you come when we can have a real visit.  Ray and I booked tickets that day for early December.  We’re looking forward to that trip.

However, today, I couldn’t help but note all the smiling faces of the party participants on Facebook and I found myself muttering, “Dang it. That looks like a lot of fun.” Besides, my brother’s life-partner, Jaime, has coordinated this entire event and that woman knows how to throw quite a party.

Sam, I am proud of you for this new album and happy that you’re now a part of the 60s club.  As grandmother Winnie Waugh said, “From 60 – 70 was my favorite time of life.  You have nothing to prove and enough good health and money to have some fun.” Amen.

Happy birthday, Brother.  I am certain you are having a world of fun in this very moment there in Nashville.  I look forward to seeing you in a little over a month. Until then, just know that no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my favorite little brother.

Here’s to another 60 years full of love, laughter, music and prosperity.

Now, party on!

Sam's album cover


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  1. Martinnie (Tina) LASATER Hagberg says:

    I so love your words.

    1. Thank you, Tina! Much appreciated.

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