McDonald’s Parking Lot

I am sitting in a dark McDonald’s parking lot stealing their Internet.  We are up in Ojai and I just can’t get Internet in the orange grove.  McDonald’s just closed, hence the dark parking lot. Two guys are talking a distance away.  I can hear bits of their conversation: “Guess where I ended up?” “Then he literally apologized…”  Voices dipping low then getting louder.  Lots of sharing, these two guys. Good to hear such intimacy.

I have been uploading critiques to my online writing class, that’s the main reason I am here at McDonald’s at 11:13 on a Sunday night.  My online Flash Fiction/Flash Memoir class has one more week.  I needed to get these done plus upload the Week 5 lesson plan because my students need their feedback.

We came up to Ojai today because Sarah and Gregorio wanted us to go with them to look at a 1977 camper trailer in Ventura.  It needs work, but, overall, it is perfect for their family for the orange grove.  At $700, it was also the perfect price.  So, we hooked it on the back of the Landrover and pulled it up to Ojai. They will have a good project to work on, but I think it will go fast. Soon they’ll have a cozy spot where they can come with no advanced prep. They can just drive up and open the door.

So, Ray and I are staying the night.  Heading home early tomorrow since the temperature is forecasted to go up to 99. Yikes. Isn’t it almost November?

Okay, I need to close.  Time to head back and crawl into bed.

I’ll check back in with you all tomorrow. Until then, here’s hoping life is going well for you. If not, take a moment and breathe.  That always seems to help, at least, a little bit.

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