1st of the Deadlines Looming

My high school senior writing students who are applying early decision and early action have been coming in and out of my house for the past few days, one after the other.  Two brothers came tonight: one from 7 – 9 and the other from 9 – 11:30.  That is not because of my schedule, but because they are also balancing water polo games and school assignments while applying to colleges with extremely early deadlines.

I had a few other students who came this week for the first time in their college essay process.  They have November 30th and maybe even January 1 deadlines. That is a lot different than the earliest of the early: November 1.

Alas, those students who have had a shoulder to the grindstone will experience relief long before their later-deadline counterparts.  They will be skipping through school in a little over a week with wide grins on their faces, feeling a bit discombobulated after so much intense work. But then the reality will set in and all that pent-up tension will start to release as they realize their applications are in and there’s nothing much else to do but wait and see.

As for me, I will feel the satisfaction of having one group well on their way and a second one marching forward with their own excitement and intensity.

This is a major life change for these kids – finishing their elementary, middle and high school years and now heading off to college.

I feel happy to be included in this journey.  It is a sweet and special time.




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