Grandbaby Day

Today, Ray and I went out to see our grandbabies, Luna and Nico, after our ten days away on our trip.  We also got to visit with Rachael who was taking care of these two sweet kiddos until Sarah and Gregorio arrived in mid-afternoon.  Nothing makes me happier than getting to spend time with all my kids, whether they are officially mine, partners to my daughters or my grandchildren.  Of course, we missed seeing Liz, Ron, and Ariel, but, hopefully, we’ll be able to rendezvous with them soon.

I got to surprise Luna at her preschool at 1 pm when Rachael and I went to pick her up.  How wonderful to see her eyes light up when she spotted me and to hear her telling her friends, “My grandma is here!” Yes, nothing quite as sweet as that in all the world.

I had students beginning at 5 so we had to head back around 3:40 because of traffic.  I just wish I could have stayed longer, but I figure a short visit is better than none.  We are not due to leave town again for quite a while.  Hopefully, I’ll get an overnight stay with those little guys fairly soon.

As for now, I am heading out with the dogs and then to bed.

I’ll be checking back in with you all again tomorrow.


Nico, Rachael and Luna


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