Weathering the Weather in Ojai

Ray and I spent the night in Ojai last night at the orange grove.  It was a strange night, weather-wise.  The temperature had reached 99 degrees during the day and was just cooling off when we arrived in the early evening. However, the Airstream was stuffy even with two fans running and all the windows open. It is hard to air out a closed up travel trailer after it’s been 99 degrees all day long. 

Alas, we both took showers in our wonderful roofless shower house and got ready for bed.  About this time, it started to rain and the air cooled off considerably. We had visions of sleeping very well.  However, shortly after the coolness of the rain, Santa Ana winds began to blow hot air straight from the Mojave. It was as if someone turned the blast furnace on in August. A blast of hot air coming straight out of the east.  We both started to think the night might not be quite as comfortable as we had hoped.  But then after about an hour, the air cooled off again, as if the ocean air and the desert air had a good old fashioned wrestling match and the ocean air won.  All I can say is hooray.  It was still warm in the Airstream but the air coming through the open windows was at least nice and cool.  As the night progressed, the temperature outside when down to an astonishing 62. 

Today we left at 2 and the temperature was 95. We were happy to climb into the car and be in the air conditioning.  This weekend, the temperatures will go down to the low 80s. That sounds a whole lot better for a pleasurable visit.

Today, we put up what will be a chicken coop in the future.  We hope to get about four chickens when the weather cools off.  That way we can look forward to fresh eggs and lots of barking from the dogs once they figure out they have four furry friends to play with.  That might be a bit trying, but, hopefully, we’ll figure out how the dogs have limited access, at least until they get used to the little critters.  I’m excited about the prospect of chickens. 

We are now back in LA.  It is cooler here but still warm. Nothing like Ojai, however. The high today here was 91, the low was 74.  But there is a good ocean breeze.  That helps a lot.

Okay, off to bed. Hope you’re having a lovely evening.  I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.



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