Leslie and Haley’s Slightly Delayed Adventure: Day One

Here is everything that went into two backpacks for three weeks in the Sierra High Country on the John Muir Trail.

Here is what all of that looks carried by Leslie and Haley, who are now in Yosemite after a few initial problems.

I took Leslie and Haley to the airport bright and early this morning. Their flight to Merced was at 8 am and we got to Terminal 6 by 6:30 so there would be no stress going through security. At 9:30, they wrote and said their plane had been delayed. The 10 am plane to Merced came and went without them (it was booked) so they were just left sitting. Finally, around 10:45 they wrote they were boarding in five minutes. They were now going to miss their bus to Yosemite and the next one wasn't until 5 pm, which meant they wouldn't arrive at the park until 8 pm.

Here is the next photo I received:

This is their Uber driver who took them to Yosemite from the airport. Smart girls.

They are now all checked in for their hike and have obtained all their permits. (The park rangers have strict rules about this to limit the number of backpackers at one time.). Tonight they are camping in Yosemite before heading out early tomorrow for their hike.

They wrote that it is absolutely beautiful there and also very peaceful.

I'd say they are now ready to go!

Here's to happy trails.

I am up in Ojai. It is beautiful and peaceful here as well.

I will check back in tomorrow with whatever might be happening in my life at that moment.

Sleep tight.

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