Levitt Pavilion, Pasadena, Music of Leonard Cohen

This evening we met the family in Pasadena (minus Rachael and Ariel who were in San Diego) to listen to Perla Battalia sing Leonard Cohen songs.  She worked as Leonard Cohen’s backup singer in two of his World Tours and was encouraged by Cohen to strike out on her own.  She has a fantastic mezzo-soprano voice.

We brought pizza and salad, visited before and after the concert and just enjoyed hanging out together on the grass of the park.  It was wonderful to have Leslie and Haley there along with Sarah and Gregorio’s friends, Melanie and Chris. A truly lovely evening together.

Tired but happy.  Here are a few photos.


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  1. Wendel Sloan says:

    Saw Cohen himself in Austin many years ago. A great artist.

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