An Action-Packed Day

We have had a busy day today.

Early this morning, Haley and Leslie helped me make crock pot green chili chicken enchiladas. Then the grandbabies arrived for the day with the help of Auntie Liz.  I made breakfast for everyone, scrambled eggs and raisin toast, before Liz took Haley and Leslie to yoga.  After they left, Luna helped me make a honey-sweetened peach pie while Nico observed from his high chair.

After cooking, I took the kids outside where they played in the mud and got completely and thoroughly dirty.  Ray came out and we enjoyed watching them play; then he helped me get them inside and into the shower. Before it was over, both had to have a shower and a bath to get all the mud out of their hair. Luna said she loved to come to Grandma and Grandpa’s house since she could get as dirty as she wanted.

Sarah arrived early afternoon from a conference she had been attending. Liz, Haley and Leslie returned shortly afterward.  We chatted while we set the table and got all the food ready.  By then Rachael arrived, followed shortly by Ariel.  We ate lunch together and talked a long time.

Sarah stayed for a while after lunch, but was tired from her three days at the medical conference she had attended.  We helped gather up all the kids’ stuff and helped her get them into the car. They headed home around four.

After they left we cleaned the kitchen, then came and sat in the den and heard all the details of Leslie and Haley’s hiking trip.  Ron arrived somewhere during this and he and Liz were especially interested since they have done a lot of backpacking.  We talked long enough that everyone went back into the kitchen for leftovers.  Ariel (who had left for a while) returned during this time and had lots of questions about the hiking trip as well.

Finally, around 9:30 people started to leave.

I have just returned from walking the dogs.  I have my “Writing for 20 Minutes a Day” class starting tomorrow so I just emailed my students their Week One Lesson Plan.  I also had to check on the fall proposals for SCN Online Classes since tonight was the deadline.  I can already say we’re going to have a great fall line-up!

Now I am headed for a bath and bed.  It has been a long and busy day, but lots of fun.  It is a treat to have our nieces here, and I’m glad our kids were able to come spend today with them for a good long visit.

I didn’t take one photo today. Sorry.  I was just too busy talking, listening and laughing.

I’ll write again tomorrow.


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