Heading Home from Ojai

We are driving back from Ojai after spending last night and today at the orange grove. It is 9:30 pm. We are currently driving through Calabasas and the roads are surprisingly full of traffic for this time of night.

Today was warm but not terrible at the orange grove. The summer heat can be intense in Ojai, but there was a breeze coming up the canyon from the ocean which offset the bright heat of the sun. We were having a bit of a mid-summer cleaning so I worked for a long time in our stand alone bathroom and kitchen. I am happy to report these two areas are now spic and span after I spent time with my trusty rag and Simple Green in hand wiping away a few layers of dust. I cleaned out the fridge and the freezer as well and tossed away anything that looked even marginally questionable. Time for a new start, inside and out.

Ray had lots of fun working on our old Studebaker pick up and then hooking it up to our vintage Silver Streak. This kind of thing makes him exceedingly happy. I can’t begrudge him that level of joy.

We are now getting close to the Sunset Boulevard exit in just a few minutes. I better wrap this up since Sunset has lots of twists and turns and I don’t want to arrive home car sick.

A great day. Satisfying work in a beautiful setting. Hard to beat.

We’ll talk again tomorrow.

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