Grandbaby Visit Highlights

Grandbabies visiting tonight.  They arrived mid-afternoon and will leave mid-morning tomorrow.  We have played in the mud in the back yard, taken showers to wash off all that mud, eaten dinner, taken a walk around the block with the dogs and Grandpa, brushed teeth, gotten on pajamas, crawled into bed together to watch Madagascar II, gotten up several times to either change Nico’s diaper, fill his bottle or get him settled in the other bedroom where it was quieter.  (He is now sound asleep right next to me.)

Luna told me a few interesting things today.

  1. She played in the mud the other day because she wanted for her skin to be dark like her Daddy’s.
  2. Aunt Liz eats sugar.
  3. She loves the song Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings.  (Auntie Rachael played it and Luna sang along.)
  4. Her mommy, daddy, and Nico went swimming yesterday.
  5. Her favorite animal at the zoo is the hippopotamus.
  6. She really likes her cousin Aretta.
  7. Her favorite part of the planetarium was the movie.

Nico did several interesting things today:

  1. He spent much of his time this afternoon, giving Cordelia and Frankie (our corgi and terrier) kisses.
  2. He spent at least thirty minutes in the back yard playing with the dirt in the flower pots.
  3.  He lay down in our grass in the front yard, stretched out his arms and legs and then just stared at the sky for a good long time.
  4. He sang quietly while first on my back and then on Grandpa’s shoulders during our walk.
  5. He blew raspberries at his sister for at least two minutes after being inspired by a scene in Madagascar II, giggling all the while.

No, I don’t like these kids one bit.

I better hit the sack.  They will be up very early, I suspect, and I want to be right there too since I dislike them so thoroughly.

Here they are playing with mud in the back yard:



2 Comments Add yours

  1. jhenehan says:

    Mud is good! Luna can make her own rather than paying hundreds $$$ at a spa someday!

  2. Ha! So true. She had so much fun today. Makes me happy to watch her and her little brother playing in the dirt and mud!

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