Resting Up

Today was a recovery day.  Ray and I are a bit road-weary from the heat, the work, and the travel over the past two weeks.  I have done almost nothing that required movement out of my armchair except to participate in making lunch. (Yes, Jim Adams, we enjoyed a couple of your delicious home-grown tomatoes.) Even with my do-nothing day (besides taking care of details via the internet and also getting organized for the upcoming week), I still plan to go to bed fairly soon. I ended up sleeping well last night, but not as long I might have liked. The dogs were up and ready to roll at 5:45 am.  I believe we can assume they were still on Texas time.

Tomorrow, we are up and out early to cook and serve at the St. Thomas Breakfast Club and then in the afternoon, we are attending a major event for the Diocese of Los Angeles, the ordination and consecration of our new Bishop Coadjutor.  This will occur at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillon (where the Oscars have been hosted in the past) and will be the passing of the mantle from Diocesan Bishop Jon Bruno to Rev. Canon John Taylor. The Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church, John Curry, will be the chief consecrator. I met (and voted for) John Taylor at the diocesan convention so I am pleased to see that he’ll be our new leader here in Los Angeles.  He appears to be a man who wants to listen to all who have something to say.  I believe that’s an excellent characteristic for a Diocesan Bishop.

I expect I’ll have a few photos to share of tomorrow’s event.

As for now, I’ll just say a gentle good-night to all.  I hope you stay cool, sleep well and have sweet dreams.

We’ll talk again tomorrow.

rest day

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