Back In LA!

I am sitting in my den in Los Angeles with my feet up and the fan going.  Ray and I arrived home about an hour ago after stopping in Pasadena to see Liz, Ron, Sarah, Gregorio, Luna and Nico.  Rachael and Ariel were not there, but I expect I will see them soon.

It was wonderful to spend time with most of the family already.  We gathered in Sarah and Gregorio’s lovely front yard (since we had our dogs with us) and enjoyed the coolness of the early evening.  We chatted and ate a quick dinner Sarah had saved for us while the dogs barked at a neighborhood cat and nearby walkers, and Nico dashed with the speed of a future running back from one end of the yard to the other.  Luna climbed up on a chair right after we arrived and said, “Listen, family, I want you to watch this.”  She then made an impressive leap off the chair onto the ground.  We all gave her a thumbs-up for her efforts. (I loved that “Listen, family” part.  So sweet.) I got a sufficient number of hugs and kisses from the grandbabies to hold me until I see them again, provided that is soon.  We didn’t stay too long since we knew we still needed to drive the 35-40 minutes to our house and then take all the food and necessities out of the car to get through tonight.  We’ll unload everything else tomorrow.

We had a very productive trip to Texas this time, plus saw a good many friends.  We had a few people with whom we couldn’t manage to rendezvous, but I expect we’ll see them next time round, which will be late August.  I am happy with our time there and feel very pleased with what we got accomplished.  We worked a lot, but also saw people we care about and also rested many evenings.  It is always a pleasure to be in our Victorian there.  I love that house with its beautiful rooms and wide porches. It is a lovely place to spend time.  Very peaceful.

At this point, I am looking forward to a bath and bed. I believe I will sleep well after being on the road for two solid days.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.  Until then, take good care.

Interstate 40

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