Our Garage Sale: Cancelled Due to Upcoming Rain

Hi all,

Sorry for being so out of touch.  The truth is that we are working our little tushes to the bone clearing out junk, junk and more junk.  This is a good feeling, but because of the Texas summer heat, Ray and I have ended up pooping out early in the evening all week.  Hence my not writing my blog.

While the weather is beautiful right now, rain is in the forecast for early in the morning with intermittent showers later tomorrow.  So, our neighborhood will be pushing our garage sale back until later in the summer or early in the fall.

However, Ray and I made the decision today to go ahead and send a lot of our stuff directly to Salvation Army.  We had already separated a lot of things and thought this would move us forward in our goal to clear out more and more.  Don’t worry, however; we have plenty more for the future sale!

I am now going to settle in, watch tv and go to bed about 6:30 pm.  Working in the heat and humidity has worn me out!



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