Father’s Day at the Hospital

Today, we went to Sarah’s hospital, Glendale Adventist, where she is finishing the final week of the rotation from hell.  This is where we celebrated Father’s Day since she was on duty and couldn’t leave.  We got food from the cafeteria and headed into the residents’ quarters, where they have computers where they work and also couches for resting. We were able to stay a couple of hours before Sarah said, “Okay, you guys have to leave.  I have to get back to work.”  That was okay.  We’d had fun together and celebrated both Gregorio and Ray’s extraordinary fatherly ways.  Low-key, but filled with love. That’s all that matters.

Here are a few pictures of our Father’s Day celebration.  Rachael and Ariel were not with us.  They were in Las Vegas visiting Ariel’s grandfather who has been ill.  They were there in spirit.  We will see them for dinner early this week.


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