Today, I worked on eBay all morning and handled several business details that needed handling.  I also cooked up a batch of cornbread and blackeyed peas, which we had for lunch along with a stew that Rachael brought over.  This afternoon, I had students for almost 4 hours.  Tonight, I have edited one online student’s weekly submission for our online class, but must wait to edit more because I’m a little too tired.  In just a few minutes, I’m calling it a day and heading upstairs.

Oh, I guess I still need to walk the dogs…

I have had a good day.  My interactions with my students were all positive, Rachael and Ray were happy, and I got a lot done on eBay posting.  Plus, lunch was tasty.

That’s just fine.

Now, I’ll officially say good night.  I need to go get the dogs’ leashes and head outside.

I will check back in tomorrow.



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