Reward for “One of Those Days”

Crazy day. A bunch of small details that needed attention. Had to have attention. One after the other, all day long. Back to back and some jumping in before another was finished. All required sitting at the computer or being on the phone or being on the phone while sitting at the computer. Yikes. 

Good news. Most are now done. Or at least what needed to be done at this point is done. Yahoo. 

Reward?  We drove up to Ojai and are now comfortably situated in our Airstream at the orange grove. Tomorrow I get to work outside in beautiful weather and breathe in this lovely air. Hooray. Life is good. 

I also plan to sleep well in this lovely quiet. 

Good night, my friends. Here’s to being outside!

Here is our Airstream hiding behind an orange tree and flanked by oaks. 

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