Today: A Busy One

Today has been full.  Ray and I are going full-speed ahead on eBay listings since we have so many new items from our latest estate that we are handling. We got up early and listed before church for a couple of hours, then we went to church where I served as subdeacon.  From there, I had a meeting for one of our parishioners who feels called to the priesthood.  He asked me to serve on his Lay Discernment Committee.  I am happy to do this since he is a very sweet young man, plus this will be my fourth time in this position. We met with a representative from the Diocese who gave us an orientation on the process.  While I have done it before, it’s always helpful to get a refresher.  We will be meeting once a month for at least 6 months to a year so there’s a lot to remember.

I returned home to a little relaxing time before more eBay listing.  We try to post all of our new items by Sunday evening at 7 pm so this was crunch time. I am learning a lot about Rookwood and Gouda pottery, Navajo jewelry, and Inuit sculptures.  Very interesting.

After this, I looked over the proposals for the summer term of Story Circle Network Online classes and also proposed a class of my own.  I also communicated with several SCN teachers in reference to those proposals as well as with the SCN program director.  Tomorrow I will do more related to this since the proposal deadline moves me into Phase II of term planning.  But that’s tomorrow’s task, not today’s.  Hooray.

Now I am getting ready to head upstairs to watch the series finale of “The Leftovers.” We will see how satisfying the wrap-up is.  Finales can be tough when a series has been complicated and excellent.  We will see.

But first, I need to walk the dogs.  That’s okay. I could use a little walk after such a busy, but productive day.

I’m hoping you had a restful Sunday.  I will look forward to a restful mid-week day. After all, Ray and I will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary on Wednesday!

Talk tomorrow.


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