Ojai Days 

We are up in Ojai at the orange grove. It is 9:06 pm and the air is cool after a fairly warm day. Not hot, but warmish. The night air is lovely as is the quiet.  I have been working a crossword puzzle, which I haven’t done in a while. I am not all that good at it – have to relearn all those favorite crossword puzzle words – but I have enjoyed focusing on this activity. This is a bit different than binge watching television and no doubt much better for my brain. Anyway, I have been trying my best but have had to peek in the back for a few answers.  Still, I am having fun. 

We are listening  to KUSC, the classical music station. A few minutes back they played several rags. Fun and lively, which are definitely not the words to describe Ray or me right now. We are happily tired after a day of getting more organized around here. We are already in bed for the night along with two tired dogs who have been running from one end of the grove to the other all day. 

I am happy to report that both my ear and finger are better. I believe I can safely declare myself on the mend. Thanks for all the kind words. 

Okay, folks, it is now time for a little shut eye. We are getting up early to beat the heat. 

Sleep well, my friends. 

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