Smashed Finger

I seem to be having a series of ailments this week. My earache is slowly subsiding, but now I have managed to smash my little finger and also cut it fairly deeply. I am hoping it is not broken. 

What happened?  Something stupid. I was helping Ray move a very heavy seat out of our van and I overestimated my strength and underestimated the weight of that damn seat. Normally, van seats aren’t that heavy but this particular one had a very dense metal base. Ray had one end and had just said, “Let me take that end. It might be too heavy for you.”  Instead of listening, I said,”No, it’ll be okay.”  I lifted it up (or tried) and the next thing I know that heavy metal base had landed on my little finger. I pulled it out and the blood immediately was dripping everywhere. I had about an inch gash. Double ouch!  Man, that hurt. 

I went into the house, dripping blood the whole way and immediately put my finger under cold water. Then I found a cloth and created a compress until I could get upstairs to the big bandaids. I poured hydrogen peroxide on the cut and by this time Ray was there. (He had to move the van seat since we had been in the alley.). He wrapped my finger in a big band aid. 

The bandaid is so large that it is covering my entire little finger. I have ‘t tried to bend my finger yet. Will try in just a bit since the end feels fairly numb. Oh joy. What a pain. The good news, my ear ache seems minor in comparison. 

I move lots of things given that  we buy and sell antiques. Overall, I am rarely hurt. I suppose this was just a little glitch in my luck. I will be more aware of my strength level in future. I guess I need to be glad my pinkie isn’t more hurt than it is. 

With that I will bid you adieu. I think it’s time to check if I can bend this little fellow. 

Will check back in with you tomorrow. 

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