Congratulations to Lona T.: Heading to Brown!

Here’s to my beloved Lona Tehrani, who learned today that she has been accepted to Brown University beginning in the fall.  Lona is currently finishing her first year at Barnard, but decided by mid-year that she wanted a less urban school and also one that gave her more freedom in terms of curriculum.  Brown was her first choice straight out of high school, but she applied to the most competitive program there, the MD-BA eight-year program where you get a Bachelor’s degree then go directly to Brown’s medical school. Not surprisingly, she didn’t get accepted since over 2500 students with near perfect SAT scores applied for the 53 coveted slots.  Lona chose Barnard instead, but down deep couldn’t shake her desire to study at Brown with its open curriculum and more laid-back student body.  She wrote me before Christmas that she wanted to work with me on her application and essays.  We did just that and today’s acceptance letter brought her dream to fruition.  Hooray!

Lona and I have gotten to know each other very well over these past two years through college essay writing.  I knew how important going to Brown was to her and also knew just how competitive Brown can be even for a transfer student. Lona decided to apply to several schools just in case and had already received acceptances to Kenyon, Oberlin and Bates, but she had also been turned down from Yale and Stanford.  I was worried that maybe Brown was her next rejection.  I hoped not but was nervous about it.

Today, when I received Lona’s text that she had been accepted to Brown, I immediately burst into tears.  I was so happy.  Ray, who got into the car while I was crying, understood this was good, not bad news by my signal of a thumbs up, but it took a few minutes before I could tell him why I was crying.  He nodded and smiled.  He knows how fond I am of sweet Lona.

So, here’s to hard work, persistence and an all-around positive attitude!  Lona, I am so pleased for you and proud of you.  After making tops grades at Barnard, you deserve this fabulous gift.  Dreams do come true, my dear.  They just require time, energy and focus.

You did it! Now it’s time to relax and have a little fun.


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