In Memory of Glen Armstrong

Today we received the sad news that  Glen Armstrong, the stepfather of one of our closest friends in Texas, passed away unexpectedly.  He fell last week and broke his hip, but he was recovering from surgery and was already on his way to getting stronger. He was in a rehab facility and had had breakfast and several conversations this morning when he suddenly slumped over and was unresponsive. He was transferred to the hospital but died later in the day. 
Glen was a loving man who made you feel seen in his presence. He was passionate about life and loved his family and friends with a kind and open heart.  He also had strong political opinions and told us he planned to stay around to vote in at least the next four presidential elections. That was ambitious for a man in his 80s, especially one who was also fighting cancer. But Glen’s positive attitude was one of his defining characteristics. 

My heart goes out to Bebe Armstrong, Glen’s wife, along with the rest of his family, especially Shann Schubert, Darrah Dunn, their kids and grandkids. Also, there is a large extended family whose members, I know, are grieving tonight. 

I am sad to say that we will not be able to attend Glen’s memorial service on Saturday. We were just in Texas for ten days and only returned to LA less than a week ago. However, I will be there in spirit for the celebration of Glen’s life. I already know this will be a tribute to what a fine man he was. I am so sorry to miss hearing all the wonderful stories that will be shared. 

Here’s to Glen Armstrong, a man who knew how to love with his whole heart. May light perpetual shine upon him and may his soul rest in eternal peace. 

May his family find comfort in his love, which will remain in their hearts forever. 

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