Happy 26th Birthday, Rachael!

Dear Rachael,

Tomorrow’s your birthday and since you’ll be traveling all day from Miami, I want to take the chance now to wish you the very best birthday ever.  Here are a few things (in no particular order) that I’ve enjoyed about you over this past quarter of a century together:

  1. Your excellent sense of humor
  2. Your kindness
  3. Your sharp wit
  4. Your clarity about what you like/dislike
  5. Your comfort level with telling me what you really think
  6. Your sensitivity with all people
  7. Your excellent work ethic
  8. Your love of literature
  9. Your love of music
  10. Your ability to listen
  11. Your sense of style
  12. Your good health habits
  13. Your sense of adventure
  14. Your willingness to follow your heart
  15. Your willingness to take chances
  16. Your ability to love with your whole heart
  17. Your love of kids
  18. Your love of dogs
  19. Your willingness to push yourself out of your comfort zone
  20. Your strong problem-solving skills

Thank you for being a wonderful daughter and a lovely all-around person.  I would love you even if you weren’t my daughter!

Happy travels and see you soon, honey.

Love, Mom

One of My Favorites Photos of Rachael and Frankie


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