Garage Clean-up Day Again

Today I went outside and tackled the tidying of our garage again.  This isn’t a real garage as in where the car actually goes, but rather my husband’s favorite repository of countless items that are either needed for his many projects or else wanted because of their cool factor.  There are other things there too that reside in the “just haven’t found the right home yet” category.  This clearing process occurs every few months and this time it wasn’t quite as daunting because there was basic order underneath the tools, boxes and objets d’art that had been stacked on the table.  Below is a piece I wrote last year that pretty much sums up Ray and his garage.  I included pictures as well from last time because once tidied, the garage goes back to looking pretty much like it looks below.


Ray and I have been cleaning our garage today. This is not a small task since we physically handle so many antiques and collectibles when dealing with estates. Still, this space is so cool and unique I wanted to share some pictures of it. This is classic Ray Beaty with tons of stuff hung on the walls and a plethora (you’ll see) of tools and accompanying supplies to tackle pretty much any project. This space reminds me of the art installation at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) of the old garage. I loved that place. Someone told me it is currently in storage, which is too bad since it speaks of a certain type of person with a clear sensibility. There is a smell that comes with this place too which is a mixture of paint thinner and oil. And the air is cool in there even on a hot day since the walls are so thick. I love this space.

Ray said to me, “Is this what you imagine my insides look like?”

“Yes,” I said.

His response, “Me too.”

Here are the pictures:






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