Celebration Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach

Today we went with Sarah, Gregorio, Luna, Nico and Rachael to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. (Liz, Ron and Ariel had to work.) This was a celebration of Sarah’s completion of her 9-hour examination for board certification in Family Medicine that she took last Saturday.  She will finish her Family Residency program in September and already has a job in women’s health.  This has been a very long process for Sarah and Gregorio since they met in California one month before Sarah started medical school in Texas.  The end is finally in sight, two children later.  I have been in awe of their stamina and dedication to both Sarah’s medical training and their growing family.  Plus, Gregorio has been working on his Master’s degree in Archaeology and working on digs all the while they have been doing everything else.  So, hats off to Sarah for not only the completion of this major exam, but also for her unflinching determination to become a family physician while balancing her duties as a devoted wife and mom.  Also, kudos to Gregorio for his hard work as an archaeologist, while being a supportive husband and father.  Here’s to you both and your beautiful children as life relaxes after a very long time.  Hooray!

 Nico, Sarah, Luna and Gregorio


Sarah and Luna


Rachael and Sarah


Luna, Sarah and Nico


Sarah, Gregorio and Nico


Luna, Grandma, Grandpa and Rachael


Gregorio and Nico




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